The key to your performance and productivity !


Employee wellbeing is a key success factor of today’s businesses with a direct impact on the performance and revenue of a company. By focusing on a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle in the workplace, the company creates a favourable corporate environment with better performing teams.

To promote a balanced and enjoyable diet, I strongly believe in nutritional training and the creation of a favourable work environment to allow a healthy lifestyle.

Foodamental offers to guide you in this direction with a tailor-made offer :

– Teambuilding

– Conferences

– Morning / daytime workshop + healthy lunch

– Cooking workshops

– Individual employee coaching

– Professional support in terms of catering optimisation (analysis and improvement of the menus)

Corporate nutrition coaching offers plenty of benefits : concentration, motivation, fulfilment and well-being of the employees :

Less brain fog, drowsiness, stress and irritability, better concentration and more vitality

Satisfaction and motivation in the workplace

Increased individual and team performance

Improved productivity

Improved immunity

Less absenteeism

In-company interventions are possible in FR, NL or EN