One of many ways to take care of yourself and your body


Do you want to rebalance your diet ? I can offer you accurate and personalised advice to help you reach your goals :

Regain your energy and vitality

Improve your health and general well-being (sleep, mood, healthy appearance)

Lose weight sustainably

Learn how to manage food intolerances and / or allergies

Get guidance on your road to a different diet (vegetarian, vegan, lactose and / or gluten free diet, detox diet...)

Strengthen your immunity

Prevent certain diseases (type II diabetes, arthrosis, macular degeneration, hypercholesterolemia, depression, migraines, chronic fatigue, burnout, ...)

Improve your digestive health (reflux, constipation, leaky gut, ...)

Adapt your eating habits for pregnancy or breastfeeding

Help your children develop good eating habits starting at a young age

Together we can establish a nutrition plan tailored to your eating habits and according to your tastes and needs.

l’ll give you the tools and coaching you’ll need to rebalance your diet by helping you make the right choices every day.



65€ (1h30)

In-depth analysis of your current diet and health profile based on the survey you complete beforehand

Setting up a personalised nutritional plan


40€ (45 min)

Evaluation of the nutritional plan developed for you

Adjustment if necessary


400 €

(ten hours of coaching for a comprehensive review of your nutritional approach)

First session: complete evaluation of your diet and health based on the survey completed beforehand + explanation of your personalised nutritional plan (1h30)

Pantry coaching: I will come to your home and together we will analyse what’s in your pantry and improve its content (1h)

Crash course in food label analysis (1h)

Guided shopping tour at your preferred supermarket or organic store (1h30)

Cooking class (3h)

Follow-up (2 sessions of 1h)

Follow-up by email

Coaching sessions are possible in FR, NL or EN