Born food lover and passionate for cooking and its conviviality, I quickly discovered the benefits of a healthy and rejuvenating diet for my body and mind. As a mother of three, I tried to apply my knowledge of nutrition on a daily basis, but I rapidly felt a desire to dig deeper.

I decided to follow nutritherapy training at the CERDEN Institute in Brussels (Centre Européen pour la Recherche, le Développement et l’Enseignement de la Nutrition et de la Nutrithérapie). At the same time, I fed my passion and enriched my knowledge of nutrition with practical training based on the concept of “Alimentation Vive” (Pol Grégoire ®) at “De La Vie Dans Ma Cuisine”.

Definitely convinced by the benefits of a healthy and tasty diet, my dream was to share my energy and knowledge. That’s why I launched Foodamental and pledged to prove that eating a healthy and balanced diet is within everyone’s reach !

Today, using different approaches : at my place, at your home, in-company or in a kitchen, I want to help you rebalance your diet sustainably by helping you make the right choices every day to regain well-being and vitality.